4200 Westward Avenue
Columbus, OH 43228

Owner: 4200 Westward Avenue, LLC
Property Type:  210 Door Cross Dock Warehouse
Class: B
Year Built:  1971
Number of Units: N/A
Rentable Sqaure Feet:  155,000
Land Area: 22 acres
Purchase Price:  Not Marketing For Sale
Price Per Unit: Not Marketing For Sale
Cap Rate:  Not Marketing For Sale
Price Per Square Foot:  Not Marketing For Sale

Case Studies & Highlights:
– The “T” shaped structure and overall large dimensions allows utilization of the cubic capacity, which is 60% greater than “typical” truck terminals or competing properties.
– The trailer parking (drop lot) with concrete dolly pads allows for approximately 275 trailers. This huge parking paved area is also unique and adds a special feature, which is cost prohibitive in developer-designed buildings.
– Contact Ed Bushor at (858) 229-5599