2016 Investment Fund

Value-Add distressed real estate will be the sole asset classification for Tower’s 2016 Investment Fund.  Buying quality distressed hospitality, land, office, and multi-family projects that are priced ‘low and right’ will yield the highest returns over the next 5 years.  This same model built Tower Development into a disciplined and successful real estate investment company and has produced solid returns on each transaction during the last decade.  In 2016, Tower will continue this tradition and raise $200M to acquire a portfolio valued at $1B+ with 3-5 projects.

Tower is looking to expand our capital base to institutional and SFO and MFO registered investment advisors in addition to our private high net worth families.    We seek to capitalize on the simple concept of buying distressed real estate requiring ‘value-add’ repositioning, construction, redevelopment, re-leasing and ‘Up-Classification,’ with 3-5-year asset hold outlooks.   The 2016 Fund will focus on redevelopment of existing underutilized projects and will avoid any high-risk investments.

Tower’s principals understand the macro and micro markets driving real estate pricing and comprehend engineering and construction aspects of buildings.  We pursue distressed assets that have hit the bottom 25% of the local market inverted bell curve for the specific property classification.   Tower has the unique experience of working with institutional sellers looking to exit projects on a timely basis including following ‘corporate America’ lenders and BK Trustees.